Juan Raúl Padrón Griffe

Epale! I am PhD candidate at the University of Zaragoza as a member of the PRIME Network with the Graphics and Imaging Lab. My PhD thesis focus on developing theory and methods for efficient rendering of volumetric heterogeneous appearances and it is being supervised by Prof. Adrian Jarabo. Previously, I obtained my Bachelor degree in Computer Science (2015) at the Central University of Venezuela. Later, I received my Master degree in Informatics (2020) at the Technical University of Munich. During my Master studies I focused mostly on the Computer Graphics and Vision subjects, where I was fortunate enough to be advised by Prof. Matthias Niessner and Dr. Justus Thies at the Visual Computing lab to research on 3D Scanning and Neural Rendering.

I am really enthusiastic about the intersection of realistic image synthesis, graphics-based vision and machine learning for the digital acquisition, representation and understanding of the visual world. In particular, I am interested on pushing the state of the art on physically-based rendering, neural rendering and inverse rendering. I also find really interesting other research areas from the Graphics and Imaging Lab such as Human Perception and Transient Imaging.


Collaborative Augmented Reality on Interactive Surfaces

2019, Oct 12    

Nowadays, the conceptual design process of early architectural ideas has gained significant attraction. Technology plays an essential role in making this process more intuitive and efficient. Based on this premise, the Collaborative Design Platform was developed at the Technical University of Munich as an interdisciplinary research project between the Augmented Reality and Architectural Informatics chairs.

We strongly believe that current Augmented Reality technologies can improve significantly the user experience on the early design process stages. Augmented Reality has the power to visualize any data that we want in the real world. In particular, Microsoft HoloLens seems to be a good candidate. Therefore, the main goal of my Interdisciplinary Project is the integration of Microsoft HoloLens devices to the CDP platform using the HoloToolkit in Unity. This mean that users can see and interact with the virtual scene directly on top of the projection surface.


Interative Table Setup Planes on Interative Table Marker Calibration

Advisor: Ivan Bratoev
Supervisors: Gerhard Schubert, Frank Petzold


For the Performance Based Design project, we develop a plugin in Rhino to help architects with the task Aufstockung, i.e., raising an existing building by one or more floors. This plugin can compute the maximum building volume and the optimal numbers of bulding modules based on the legal and physical restrictions provided by the user such as maximum height or GFZ. In addition, we consider the adaptation to the staircases.


Aufstockungs Tool 1 Aufstockungs Tool 2 Aufstockungs Tool 3

Instructors: Chloe Eghtebas, Gerhard Schubert
Team Members: Juan Raul Padron Griffe, Ines Nopper, Hannah Winklmann

Brochure Demo Video

Most of the work was done by Innes Nopper and Hannah Winklmann, so I really encourage you to check their profiles if you are interested in these topics.